Source code for riscof.pluginTemplate

import random
import string
import logging
from abc import abstractmethod, ABC

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class pluginTemplate(ABC): """ Metaclass for plugins as supported by :py:mod:`ABC`. """ __model__ = "Template"
[docs] @abstractmethod def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): """ Constructor. :param name: (passed as kwarg) Name to be displayed in the logger. :param config: (passed as kwarg) The configuration for the plugin as specified in the conifig.ini file. :type config: dict :type name: str """ = kwargs.get( 'name', ''.join(random.choices(string.ascii_uppercase + string.digits, k=10)))
[docs] @abstractmethod def initialise(self, suite, workdir, env): """ Initialise the plugin with neccessary parameters. :param suite: The name of the suite directory.This is used to replace the name of the file to create directories in proper order. :param workdir: The absolute path to the work directory. :param env: The directory containing the header files for the tests. :type suite: str :type workdir: str :type env: str """ logger.debug( + "Initialise") pass
[docs] @abstractmethod def build(self, isa_yaml, platform_yaml): """ Build the model as per specifications specified by DUT. :param isa_yaml: Path to the checked isa specs yaml. :param platform_yaml: Path to the checked platform specs yaml. :type isa_yaml: str :type platform_yaml: str """ logger.debug( + "Build") pass
[docs] @abstractmethod def runTests(self, testlist): """Use the model to run the tests and produce signatures. The signature files generated should be named-*[:-1]+".signature"*. :param testlist: A dictionary of tests and other information about them(like macros,work_dir and isa). :type testlist: dict """ logger.debug( + "Test Run") pass
def getname(self): return self._role + "-" + self.__model__ + ":" def setname(self, role): self._role = role name = property(getname, setname)