7. Adding New TestsΒΆ

This section pertains to developers who wish to add new tests to the compliance suite. Please follow the below steps for such contributions:

  1. All tests should strictly follow the test-spec format available here: Test Spec Format

  2. The test should then be placed in the appropriate folder within the riscof/riscof/suite directory. Guidelines on directory structure are also available in the same Test Spec Format mentioned above.

  3. After adding the test in the suite directory, you will have to generate the database YAML using the following command:

    riscof gendb

    The above command will generate a new file: framework/database.yaml For more information on the dbgen utility please refer: Database Generator

  4. Please update the CHANGELOG.md file with your changes.

  5. You can now create a merge request on the RISCOF repository which should contain the following:

    • updated CHANGELOG.md file

    • updated database.yaml file

    • new assembly file in the suite-directory

The maintainer is now responsible for reviewing the changes and update the version number in riscof/__init__.py for proper pypi deployment.